By definition, insight is "the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing"; we took it a few steps further.

Developed in 2007, Insight was created to help statewide early child care and education policymakers manage and facilitate the professional development of practitioners within their industry.

Today, Insight has evolved into a comprehensive data system that includes a full suite of professional development features, a robust and integrated learning management system, an integrated quality rating and improvement module, and much more.

Professional Development Module

Many so called professional development systems do little in the way to create a transparent and efficient professional pathway.

The Insight system was designed from the ground up to be a professional development data system, storing data in a manner that ensures accurate and comprehensive longitudinal recording of professional growth and development.

At the core of Insight is our full suite of professional development tools.

Insight helps identify and reduce:

  • redundancy
  • unnecessary duplication of efforts
while increasing:
  • accountability
  • sustainability
  • transparency

We didn't forget about reporting and analytics.
Insight's custom reporting and analytics feature provides unprecedented capabilities to create custom dashboards, views, and reports.

With Insight, professional development pathways become clear, bolstering the organizations that incorporate it and the workforce it is designed to empower.

Feature Standard Add-on
Online Individual Profiles
Professional Contributions
Custom Career Level Calculations
Online Program Profiles
Classrooms & Lead Teacher Assignment
Staff Verification & Reporting
Custom Program Demographics
Integrated Document Management
Individual Training Needs Assessment
Multiple Membership Types
Membership Card Administration

Learning Management Module

Learning management is central to any professional development initiative, and Insight delivers an unprecedented suite of tools integrated into its professional development platform; tools designed to help coordinate training activities throughout an entire workforce.

In addition, Insight delivers an unprecedented suite of tools to your training providers, including online event registration, event roster maintenance and attendance verification via both web and mobile application interfaces, and a full featured, fully automated SCORM based e-learning platform.

No other training platform provides Insight’s unique ability to manage a disperse group of training providers, as well as enforce high standards for course content.

We even provide a custom mobile app!

Feature Standard Add-on
Trainer Approval
Training Approval
Custom Core Knowledge Areas
Online Training Event Calendar
Trainer Competency Assesments
Integrated SCORM Based e-Learning
Online Event Registration
Training Event Assessments
Mobile App for iPhone® and Android® Devices

Quality Rating & Improvement Module

As defined by, the Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) is a systemic approach to assess, improve, and communicate the level of quality in early and school-age care and education programs.

With Insight, QRIS has evolved further into a robust, modular, and customizable Quality Rating and Improvement module that seamlessly integrates with our Professional Development and Learning Management tool suite.

The Insight Quality Rating and Improvement module was developed to enhance, grow with, and adapt to just about any implementation of QRIS.

Feature Standard Add-on
Quality Rating Case Management
Inter-Rater Reliability
Quality Improvement Case Management
Enhanced Program Profile
Consulting and Technical Assistance
Environmental Self-Assessments
Observation and Assessment Integration Capability (CLASS®/ERS®)

Additional Features

In addition to the features mentioned above, Insight incorporates a variety of administrative features, custom reporting and supportive modules, adding to what is arguably, the most comprehensive Professional development platform on the market.

With Insight, Professional Development has been re-defined and brought out of the dark. Through constant development, seamless integration with other third party systems, and a modular framework, Insight is quickly becoming the gold standard in Professional Development.

Feature Standard Add-on
Custom Reporting and Analytics
Custom Data Sharing and API Interfaces
Customizable Workflow Administration and Automation
Scholarship Management Module
Stipend Management Module
Grant Management Module

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