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We will partner with you. From filling technology gaps, to handling all your software development needs, we have the expertise and horsepower to bring your ideas to life.

Since 2007, we have been implementing cutting-edge development methodologies, technologies, and standards. We will take the time to learn and understand your business processes while providing everything needed to design, build, and launch commercial grade software solutions.

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Partnering with New World is your first step toward success.

No matter the industry, the key to our success is our experience, our know-how, but most importantly our sense of curiosity, and our hunger to learn. Bringing these essential elements together has resulted in a exceptional track record of success, building commercial grade software solutions for clients in a wide range of industries including education, banking, insurance, health care, manufacturing, marketing, and more.

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Build Your Future in Early Childhood Education with Insight

Empowering Growth & Development Through Innovative Learning.

New World has designed and developed Insight, a system that has proven to be revolutionary in its approach to facilitating Early Childhood Education professional development, learning management, and continuous quality improvement. The Insight platform is transforming the industry by providing flexibility and an easy-to-use system that allows professionals to strive for greatness.

Insight allows Early Childhood Education professionals room to flourish.

Insight is a comprehensive data system unmatched in its functionality and depth of data collection, including:

  • a full suite of professional development features supporting and encouraging the personal development and career growth of industry professionals
  • an integrated Learning Management System designed to not only support professional development, but also trainer and course evaluation and approval, and E-Learning
  • a Quality Rating and Improvement Module, as well as integrated technical assistance and coaching tools, facilitating continuous quality improvement of industry providers
  • a Consumer Education (R & R) System which boasts a full feature set and provides an intuitive user experience for parents and guardians looking for care and the staff ready to support them
  • and so much more…

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