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Software as a Service

Web applications are not web sites. They are sophisticated software applications that are designed to take advantage of the internet and the capabilities of today's web browsers.  Web applications are unique in their ability extend core business processes to your users while minimizing costs and maximizing usability.

New World Now specializes in the development of web applications because we have found that the web proves to be the best platform in almost any circumstance.

Advantages of Browser Based Software Applications

  • No installation required on user computers, application can be accessed from any computer with a web browser
  • Platform independance, application runs on Windows or Mac, or any operating system capable of supporting a functional web browser
  • Extraordinary security enabled by web based security, SSL encryption, and hardware firewalls
  • Complete control of software upgrades, all users are always running the most current version
  • Reduced payload to user workstation, web applications simply deliver text/HTML, there is no need for large amounts of data to cross the wire
  • Extreme flexibility in application user interface design, taking advantage of the capabilities of the latest web browsers, including integration of images, videos, web based help, etc.

Let's Talk...

Whether or not you believe that your project is suitable for the web, please contact us.  We will take the time to listen to what you are doing, and tell you whether you not your application is suitable for the web.  Most likely, we can have your application developed and running on the web sooner than you thought possible.