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Professional Development

The Client

Non-profit child care advocacy organization located in Madison, Wisconsin

The Project

Ground up design and development of web application used to register and qualify early child care professionals, facilitating the implementation of both state and national standards for early child care and education.

The Result

A comprehensive professional development, learning management, and quality rating application implemented by Wisconsin, New York, Montana, Oklahoma, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Palm Beach County, Florida.

Project Details:

  • ASP.NET web based application developed to the exact design specifications of our clients
  • Software and database architecture developed to provide extraordinary flexibilty and customizability for each customer
  • Facilitates tracking of both national and regionally specific information on early child care professionals including education, employment, licensing, certification and career progression
  • Used by early care professionals to record their continuing education and qualifications to provide child care services in their respective state
  • Used by early care professional training providers to publish their upcoming training events in a centralized searchable database
  • Used by early care professionals to search for relevant upcoming training
  • Used by trainers and training organizations to enter attendance at training events, linking continuing education data to individual early care professionals
  • Used by early child care quality rating organizations to assess the overall quality of early childcare education program facilities and stafffing
  • Provides state agencies with complete administrative capabilities for managing early care professionals, training organizations, and upholding the standards and requirements dictated by state and federal agencies
  • Allows customers to generate an extraordinary amount of detailed reports on the quality and health of early child care and education throughout their region and contribute to the ongoing national conversation on the quality of earl child care.

Features Overview

Early Care Practitioner and Program Registry | Career Level Certificates | Statewide Training Event Calendar | Trainer and Training Organization Profiles | Training Event Approval | Consultant Registration and Event Tracking | Quality Rating Integration | Case Management | Reward Stipend Program Management | Trainer and Consultant Reimbursement | Online Payment Processing

And More …

Our Registry system is provided as a managed "software as a service", and can be customized in its appearance and functionality to meet the specific needs of each of our individual clients.  Although this package has been developed for the Early Childcare industry, it can be customized to suit any industry that seeks professional development and continuing education of its workforce.

For more information about the Early Childcare Professional Development Registry, or for information about creating a comprehensive professional development registry for your industry, please contact us!




Our Early Care Registry Partners

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