New World Now, LLC

Commercial Applications

Engineering Sales Proposal Generation

Company: Milwaukee area manufacturer of industrial heat recovery systems
Project: Implement sound project management and software development methodologies to push a web based sales programs from the “drawing room” into production use.
  • sophisticated estimating and quoting software distributed electronically to a global network of representatives
  • both desktop application and web application developed and used in tandem
  • web application offers flexible user rights
  • desktop application offers complex document and data management
  • Software Development mixed with sophisticated engineering technology
  • integrated with functioning/existing business software
  • software integration with custom CRM, contact management
  • comprehensive reports
  • to automate the entire sales process starting from contact management and ending with an automated purchase order system to minimize the workload the sales representative
  • quote generation and comprehensive reporting bring the highest efficiency in acquiring new customers, offering an excellent service and generating contracts to both large enterprise and small business.